Adult acrobatic balancing classes

Sundays 4-6pm, 8th September – 8th December (No class on 3rd November for half term).
Jacksons Lane, Highgate, London

Acrobatic balancing is a fun, sociable way to stay fit, get stronger, meet new people and develop a whole new set of skills.

Working with a partner, you will learn acrobatic lifts and counterbalances, from basics such as front angel on feet (or an aeroplane, as you may have called it as a child) to more advanced balances such as standing on shoulders and beyond; as well as dynamic rock & roll based moves.

Jacksons Lane’s associate artists So & So Circus run weekly classes, which will be suitable for absolute beginners as well as those with some experience in acrobatics, yoga or dance. It’s great fun to learn together with a friend or partner. Classes will begin with a warm up, followed by core strength exercises and some head- and hand-stand work. The class will then focus on acrobatic balancing work in pairs.

Drop-in price: £15 per session (except 2nd June, which is £30)
£180 for the whole term- equivalent to £12 per session/ £24 for 2nd June

We’ve just set up a Facebook group, Acro-partners London, for people to find acrobalance partners, arrange sessions etc.
If you’re looking for someone to work with, post a bit about yourself- whether you want to base or fly, and your level if experience- and who you are wanting to work with.




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